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The Moving Picture Co. 1914

A Silent Film by three time EMMY award-winning Director Mark Kirkland.

100 years ago in a long forgotten movie studio...

The Filmmakers

Mark Kirkland

Writer / Director / Producer

As an independent filmmaker, Kirkland has written, directed and produced award-winning short films which have been shown at film festivals around the world and screened at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Kirkland is an accomplished still photographer whose images have been published in US and People magazines. He created photo essays on the behind-the-scenes making of The Simpsons, and A Visit with Ollie about legendary Disney animator Ollie Johnston.

Mark Kirkland has won three Primetime Emmy Awards, two Environmental Media Awards and a Pioneer In Television Animation Award from the Burbank International Film Festival for his work on The Simpsons.

This is his second Live-Action film.

Leticia Kirkland

Executive Producer

In the past few years Leticia has produced two short films "A Letter From Home" That is based During the bitter winter of the Battle of the Bulge. She played a significant roll as Associate Producer for the series "Wish It INC."

"Wish It Inc. is the world's only wish-granting company, run by founder and current CEO Fairy Godmother (Ellen McLain, voice of GLaDOS). After Congress kills the penny, the company finds itself in a crunch while battling rivals at the Oshi O-Mikuji Fortune Cookie Co."

Roberto E Lepe

Associate Producer / Director of Photography

Future Days Studio.

Don Barrozo


Editor of The Simpsons for over 450 episodes. Don has worked closely with Mark on numerous episodes of The Simpsons, He was also the editor in Mark Kirkland's last film "A Letter From Home".

Greg Kellogg


Musician, Producer, Composer, Songwriter. With credits for over 100 TV episodes and Feature Films Greg has contributed music to some of the most notable names in business and entertainment.

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Cast & Crew


Jeffery von Meyer      Jennifer Starr

Adam Celentano        Brendan McIvor Fleming

Jody Fasanella           Richard Gasparian

Eric Vesbit                   Ian McCrudden

Collin Fowler               Nick Celentano

Matt Senreich             Ryan Anthony Martin and David Pierce

Special Appearances by

"Weird Al" Yankovic        Douglas Kirkland       Haskell Wexler, ASC


Written & Directed by Mark Kirkland 

Produced by Leticia Kirkland and Mark Kirkland

Associate Producers: Jessica Arcelles and Roberto E. Lepe

Production Coordinator/ Casting Consultant: Norma E. Celentano

Director of Photography: Roberto E. Lepe

Special Action Cinematography by Haskell Wexler, ASC

Additional Cinematography by

Clyde Smith

Mark Kirkland

Ryan Anthony Martin

Helder K. Sun

Special Photography by Douglas Kirkland

Music by Greg Kellogg

Make Up by Nikki Isordia

Costumes by Ashley B. Cooper

Titles by Ryan Anthony Martin

Post Production Services: Fotokem

Running time: 22 minutes

Behind The Scene's Photography

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