The Moving Picture Co. 1914

Untitled photo


Jeffery von Meyer    Jennifer Starr

Adam Celentano     Brendan McIvor Fleming

Jody Fasanella        Richard Gasparian

Eric Vesbit               Ian McCrudden

Collin Fowler           Nick Celentano

Matt Senreich         Ryan Anthony Martin

David Pierce

Untitled photo

Special Appearances by

"Weird Al" Yankovic        Douglas Kirkland       Haskell Wexler, ASC


Written & Directed by Mark Kirkland 

Produced by Leticia Kirkland and Mark Kirkland

Associate Producers: Jessica Arcelles and Roberto E. Lepe

Production Coordinator/ Casting Consultant: Norma E. Celentano

Director of Photography: Roberto E. Lepe

Special Action Cinematography by Haskell Wexler, ASC

Additional Cinematography by

Clyde Smith  Mark Kirkland  Ryan Anthony Martin & Helder K. Sun

Special Photography by Douglas Kirkland

Music by Greg Kellogg

Make Up by Nikki Isordia

Costumes by Ashley B. Cooper

Titles by Ryan Anthony Martin

Post Production Services: Fotokem

Running time:

22 minutes

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