Editorial Work

The Hart Chart - J.V. HART

The HartChart is a story mapping tool to track the emotions of your characters and their journeys. It helps writers visualize the rise and fall of characters as they make choices and proceed through the story.

FROM THE MIND OF J.V. HART J.V. brings his three decades of experience as a major Hollywood screenwriter, and 20 years teaching seminars around the world. J.V. is most known for writing Hook, Epic, Contact and Dracula

Trailer & Graphics by Roberto E.Lepe

Bud's Odyssey - Documentary

Bud's Odyssey

A B-17 Pilot's story of survival and courage Robert E. "Bud" Kingsbury was on a mission over the Mediterranean that would change his life forever.

Directed by Mark Kirkland 

Produced by Leticia & Mark Kirkland 

Colorist & Sound Design by Roberto E. Lepe

Trailer Edited by Roberto E.Lepe

Munk One / Invisible Industries

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