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  • Ray Barbee - Uncut Session

    An impromptu video of Ray practicing before his evening performance that very night.

  • Bud's Odyssey Screening @ Canon Burbank

    On a mission over the Mediterranean, B-17 Pilot Bud and his crew are shot down.

    Bud becomes the sole survivor by swimming 32 hrs to the Italian shore, and then spends 20 months in Stalag Luft III. After years of suffering with sole survivors guilt and severe PTSD, he finally found a road to healing and reconciliation.

    Directed by three time Emmy Award winner Mark Kirkland.


    Bud's Odyssey a recent documentary that I worked on had a special screening at The Canon Burbank center followed by a Q&A by director Mark Kirkland. 

    fullsizeoutput_4ef0.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4eef.jpeg fullsizeoutput_4eeb.jpeg
  • Lovers on The River

    Featured Weekly Photograph

    A beautiful photograph taken on location for their wedding collection package. 

    For more details click on Capture Valley Photography for weddings, event, & portrait services. 

  • THE HARTCHART promotional video


    The HartChart is a story mapping tool to track the emotions of your characters and their journeys. It helps writers visualize the rise and fall of characters as they make choices and proceed through the story.

    I recently edited this promotional video for Jim V. Hart's incredible story mapping tool The HARTCHART. J.V. is most known for writing the films HookEpicContact and Dracula to name a few. He's had three decades of experience as a major Hollywood screenwriter, and 20 years teaching seminars around the world.

    Entire video edited in fcpx including all graphics, color correction, & audio sweetening. Footage taken from a red epic along with b-roll shots by multiple dslr's. audio was captured separately and synced in fcpx.



  • X Marks The Spot

    Featured Weekly Photograph

    Model : Jena Mae Hoffman

    28MM 1/80 F/2.8

  • Brian May's QUEEN in 3D
    Eric Kurlon is the technical coordinator for the presentation. Eric runs a non-profit museum called 3-D space.

    I had the opportunity to attend the book launch and special preview of QUEEN in 3-D by Brian May at The Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank. Upon entering the screening room on display out in front were Brian May's 3-D cameras which were used to photograph all the images in his new book. 


    Sitting in the theater going over image by image with May was an absolute blast traveling down memory lane and hearing first hand his travels and unforgettable live performances from the man himself. The audience in the theater were glued to all his candid stories as well as the huge and ecstatic reactions to all the incredible 3-D images that were on display. It was truly an experience that can't be replicated. 


    During the book signing I got to meet the guys of The Stereo Club of Southern California where they had a collection of their own 3-D camera's on display. Although I must admit that the majority of my geek out moment was talking to John Rupkalvis of Stereoscope International about his independently designed cameras along with his beautifully pristine Bolex Stereo film camera. 

    Below are a collection of cameras that were on display


    A special thanks to Eric Kurland the technical coordinator for the presentation. Eric runs a non-profit museum called 3-D space.



  • Final Cut Pro X • Quick Tips • Toggling Clip Displays in Project View
    Clip Display Shortcut Keys


    Toggling Clip Display : Control + Option + up/down Arrow Keys

    This is a total life saver when you're editing a project for weeks on end.



    Erin & I headed out to The Broad in Los Angeles a few months ago. The plan was to shoot some video in the Infinity Room but the chances of getting in with our time constraints that day made it nearly impossible with a three hour wait time as a minimum. I also had just received my DJI OSMO Mobile so we shot a bit of video walking around the exhibition rooms, After spending time at The Broad we walked across the street to capture a few shots using the metallic structure of The Walt Disney Music Hall exterior. 

    6.6mm 1/120 f/2.8 ISO 40

    6.6mm 1/120 f/2.8 ISO 40

    Using only the iPhone 7 Plus & The Manfrotto Lykos LED these were the images that we captured.

    6.6mm 1/150 f/2.8 ISO 20

    6.6mm 1/150 f/2.8 ISO 20

     3.99mm 1/460 f/1.8 ISO 25

    3.99mm 1/460 f/1.8 ISO 25

     6.6mm 1/120 f/2.8 ISO 25

    6.6mm 1/120 f/2.8 ISO 25

     3.99mm 1/17 f/1.8

    3.99mm 1/17 f/1.8

     6.6mm 1/120 f/2.8 ISO 32

    6.6mm 1/120 f/2.8 ISO 32



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